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A new study has discovered a powerful force that is now driving evolution on Earth.

Elon Musk's brainchip, Neuralink, exactly what it sounds like.

Scientists are preparing to implant microchips into people's brains in order to connect humans and computers in new ways.

This isn't the beginning of a science fiction novel!

The microchips are being developed by Neuralink, a firm co-founded by Elon Musk, who is looking to hire a team of researchers to test the chips in people's brains.

According to its website, Neuralink, a business co-founded by Musk in 2016, intends to "connect humans and computers."

But don't hold your breath - while the business claims it will happen soon, it has a history of overestimating how quickly it can be done - in 2019, the company stated the chips would be implanted in humans by 2020.

What does it do and how does it work?

The technology will be used to link our brain with the things we use, according to Dr Roz Wyatt-Millington, a Senior Lecturer in Electronic Engineering at Leeds Beckett University.

"The aim is for these chips to record the electrical impulses created by the brain, process them in real time - that is, as they are formed - and transfer the information over Bluetooth to a mobile device app," she explained.

"This would enable folks who are unable to use their hands to operate their cell phones."

"In the long run, the goal is to allow them to utilise any Bluetooth mouse or keyboard to control a computer directly with their brain."

Is it risk-free?

Because the brain is such a delicate organ, anything attached to it or placed inside it must be planned with considerable caution.

That's why Neuralink spent so much time testing it, according to Dr. Roz: "Years of study into what we call the brain-machine interface - technologies that allow a computer device to communicate directly with the brain - has led to this breakthrough.

"It will have to go through extensive clinical testing before being widely available, ensuring that it is safe for human use.