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Proven tips to help you lose weight fast!

Losing weight fast can be very difficult in some cases more mentally than physically. As time goes on the diet becomes much easier as you begin to break out of your old bad habits and learn helpful ones. So here are the top ten tips to make lose that belly fat that little bit easier helping to lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

1. Oops, I forgot to eat breakfast!

A lot of people believe that missing meals will help them lose weight much faster. Well, unfortunately, this is not the case, research suggests that those who miss out meals are at higher risk of snacking throughout the day due to hunger cravings. Plus, the body will be starved of vital nutrients for the day ahead. meaning this is not the fastest way to lose weight.

2. Regular meals are important

Eating regular meals actually helps the body burn off calories at a faster rate, whilst as mentioned helps reduce the erg of grabbing that unhealthy snack through that moment of weakness.
Yes, it happens to us all! 

Exercise is an excellent way to increase your calorie output, plus it has a massively wide array of health benefits, such as strengthening your core muscles and reducing your risk to common illnesses like cardiovascular disease. Being active is best chosen by your interests, which could be joining a gym, running, walking, cycling plus many more.

4. Fruit and veg are key

Many studies have shown fruit and veg to be low in calories and high in fibre, meaning they will help you feel full for longer reducing that craving feeling, but will not have a significant effect on your daily calorie allowance. As a bonus fruit and veg contain the much-needed vitamins and minerals.

5. Smaller portion sizes

Reducing the amount you eat at mealtimes can in some cases be hard, but there are a few tips, like using a smaller plate, this will make the meal feel bigger than it is. Also, if you eat out this problem can be combated by ordering a child-size meal if possible; and it might save you a bit of money, which is always an added bonus.

6. You can’t be tempted if it’s not there!

Yes, junk food the enemy, okay, a little extreme, but if it is not in the house you will not be tempted. Now I do believe in every diet it is important to treat yourself every now and then, see it as a little reward for doing so well.

But, at the times in your diet when you begin to crave certain junk foods and you begin to search the cupboards, you tend to realise that if it is not there then you can have it, by which you may find an alternative like fruit.  


Many people still today think that alcohol doesn’t contain any calories. Alcohol does contain calories and in some cases, the alcohol content is nearly as high as a piece of chocolate or even a packet of crisps. If you are drinking alcohol try to have a limit and research the calories found in different types of alcohol.

8. Eat without distractions

A recent study has shown that when a person is distracted when eating a meal they are at risk of consuming 40% more calories than if they weren’t distracted. Distraction at mealtime, I mean by when eating stop busy watching television, on the computer or tablet and the one we all are guilty of browsing on our mobile phones. Just try separating yourself from these distractions when eating and you will feel the difference.

9.Plan your meals ahead

Planning your meals the day before will allow you to keep track of what you are eating, and will give something to look forward too. Planning your healthy meals will mean that you are at less risk of overindulging, helping you stay on target towards your goal.

10. Weigh each meal accurately

Weighing each meal will help you know your precise calorie intake for each day. This is important, guessing your meal size may prove to be inaccurate leading to an intake of more calorie than you thought, which will lead to little weight loss.